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Information for developers

This document summarises the basic information all developers should know when working on this project.

What do I need to know?

First of all, you do not have to be an expert. You are you not expected to do everything yourself. However you are expected to do your homework; researching about what you are working on. We expect you to briefly document your changes in you commit messages, to produce high quality code, to test your code before committing it or at least make sure that it builds correctly. You should use the discussions and issues pages to communicate your thoughts and ideas to others in the project. Email list cuts off others from the opportunity to contribute. So please you these facilities as much as you can...

Still Seems Daunting?

Don't worry too much about looking like the super developer you are. We all make mistakes. The best way to learn is simply to try. If you make a mistake, its no big deal. We can just revert the change if you do. If you stuck then use the discussion forums and let us know. We are here to help. Plus we may find a better way to do something if you bring it up. This project is a learning process for everyone.

How to work on something

Look for something to do. Mention it on the discussion. Try to break your work down into the smallest set of chunks as possible. Try to commit to the repository as often as possible. In your commit leave a brief title (50 characters long) followed by a blank line followed by a brief set or paragraphs describe what your are doing. If you commit often, then this allows you to revert your changes if you need to.

Tiny specks of dust, eventually make a mountain.
When I was working on the lexical analysis I created a class with some methods. I was trying to make sense of how the compiler breaks up a C# file into tokens and how the sharp compiler should work. At this point the classes did nothing. I started adding code here and there. Each little change I committed to the repository See changesets log. After some time, I had a fully working class and a GUI to boot. I had little reverts to do because I work on one little bit at a time.

What is the worst thing I can do?

Stop contributing. Be silent and not speak up. To not bother checking for new posts on the discussions. To not follow the project. To not participate in the project.

We need people to be as active as they possibly can.

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