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Syntactical Analysis: Validating C# files.


At present, I am working on the Analyse method and the AnalyseReferenceHierarchies mehtod of the Syntax Class object. Since this is your first time on an open source project I think you should start out on something that is perhaps smaller. I want you to create a new method called Validate in this class. You have to figure out how to use LexiconBoundaryPoint data from the lexicon class to validate a C# file. You have full reign on the implementation and design. However may I suggest some things:
  • The method should return an integer value. -2 is an unexpected error, -1 signifies an expected error and 0 means that validate completed without any errors.
  • The method should not be static.
Please check that your code builds without any errors before you commit code. Please commit to the repo as often as you can...or when it is relevant to. Remember to push you code up to the server after a few commits, so that I can see what you have done.

To set up you local repository open your git tool and change to the directory you wish to work in. Then use the command git clone to get the code. Please work from the syntactical branch using the command: git checkout syntactical.

committing your code is simple. use the git add * and then git commit. Enter in your commit message in the editor you are using and then save and quit. After a few commits use the git push origin syntactical command to push your code to the server.

If you need more information or run into problems then please let me know.