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The order in which the analyser breaks the lexicon into its different type is really important. It can influence the accuracy of the lexical analysis.
  1. Null Terminators
  2. White Space
  3. Ignore portions
    2. Pre Processor Directives.
  4. Punctuators
    1. Groupings
    2. Separators
  5. Operators
  6. Literals
  7. Keywords
    1. Types
    2. Modifiers
    3. Selection Statements
    4. Iteratation Statements
    5. Jump Statements
    6. Checked and Unchecked
    7. Fixed and Lock statements
  8. Identifiers

Each analysis basically asks these questions for each time:
  • What type(s) of lexicon is this section of text?
  • Where are these type(s) located?
  • What subtype of lexicon is it?
  • What parts of this text should the compiler ignore?

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